In 2006, on the territory of Como province, the brand "IL POLO IMMOBILIARE" is born. It is dislocated in the territory with the following offices:

UFFICIO DI ERBA (CO)Davide geom. Carnevali - Mauro rag. Nava

Opening in May 2006, with the purpose of expanding the brand to obtain more coverage of the territory and addicted to the commitment and availability for the research of the best solutions for the clients

UFFICIO DI AROSIO (CO)Carlo rag. Dell'Orto

Opening in January 2006, it is characterized by the twenty-years background of experience and professionality.


The estate agent is the professional who has as purpose the business conclusion having for object real estates and/or activities. The synonymous of real estate is “mediator”, in fact this figure carries out its task putting into contact two contractors at the same time in order to mediate between the parts reaching the agreement. In order to do that, the necessary requisites are: the passing of the exam (written and oral), the obtaining of the license and ( as foreseen by the law n 39/1989) the registration to the “ROLE OF AGENTS” in mediation at the Chamber of Commerce of the place of residence. This registration must be renovated every 4 years, certifying the maintenance of the requisites necessary to carry out the mediation activity., After the Bolkestein Legislation concerning the liberalization of the services inside the European Union, a “ revolution” of the role of the estate agent in mediations (immobiliar section) started. The mediator, unlike other professionals, has no a fee based on professional rates. In fact, the fee is freely determined between the contractors, referring to the uses and habits indicated by Chamber of Commerce.

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  • Address: piazza G. Matteotti n. 20-21
    22036 - Erba (Co)
  • Phone: + 39 031.610918
  • Fax: + 39 031.3335692
  • Mobile - WhatsApp - Telegram - Viber:
    + 39 333.9771674
  • P.IVA 02967370137
  • Timetable:
    da lunedì a venerdì
    dalle 9:00 alle 12:30 (mattina)
    dalle 14:30 alle 20:00 (pomeriggio)
    sabato dalle 9:00 alle 12:30
    pomeriggio su appuntamento

  • Address: via Santa Maria Maddalena n. 68
    22060 - Arosio (Co)
  • Phone: + 39 031.699243
  • Fax: + 39 031.699243
  • Mobile - WhatsApp - Telegram - Viber:
    + 39 338.3514749
  • P.IVA 07337380963
  • Timetable:
    da lunedì a venerdì
    dalle 9:00 alle 12:30 (mattina)
    dalle 14:30 alle 19:00 (pomeriggio)
    sabato su appuntamento
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