APP - Il polo immobiliare:

Il Polo Immobiliare in Erba is in line with the times. From today, in fact, all our clients can download a free App of the Erba office (available for iPhone and Android) directly from AppleStore & Google Play Store:

This innovation will permit to our clients to have a look to all advertisements published on our website through the constantly updated App! Everything at their fingertips! With the help of technological instruments, it is possible to leaf through and consult the details of each real estate to buy or rent. All the published information in fact have many details (advertisement reference, square meters, prices, description etc..) and browsable optimized photos. It means that, with a simple gesture, our clients can take vison of a property for sale or for rent present in our portfolio and save it in a dedicated section of the App. The offers will follow to be visible even after the App’s closing! If this is not enough, the App offers a detailed data sheet with all contact details if more information of the real estate viewed are needed or for a simple appointment.


Code of practice the offices of 'Il Polo Immobiliare' refers to is the one of F.I.M.A.A. Confcommercio Como, federation the agencies belong to. The Code of practice has the aim of operating with the maximum transparency during its mediation activity following the canons of professional ethic. All the professionals of both offices are bounded to the observance of the dispositions provided by Professional ethic code of F.I.M.A.A. Confcommercio Como and are obliged to observe these dispositions and to respect the code of practice. This one regulates the conduct of the estate agents during their negotiations and on their relationships with the other estate agents. For any kind of matter to be clarified or to point out conducts which are not conform to the ethical regulation, the client can contact the F.I.M.A.A. Confcommercio Como at number 031.2441, or write to


Both offices use forms (assignment and proposal of mediation for sale and rent) regularly declared to the Chamber of Commerce in Como (Co), as per current legislation.


presso la sede di Erba, è possibile utilizzare tutti i metodi di pagamento ammissibili per legge: contante (per transazioni di importo inferiore a 3.000 euro), assegno (postale, bancario o circolare), bonifico e POS (con carte di credito e di debito).


Both offices protect the clients being regularly insured against the risks of professional Public-liability deriving from the activity of brokerage of estates (L.57/2001).

Rights, info & Copyright:

With reference to information relative to the offices and/or each kind of advertisement relative to the printed advertising, to the website, to the App and related to the search motors and/or aggregators, social nets and MLS public systems., it is specified that:

  • Each kind of information included in the above mentioned channels has a purely indicative value and it does not constitute contractual element and evidential according to the law.
  • Each data included in each page or section inside the above mentioned channels is directly provided by the owners: it means that the company holders of office in Erba and Arosio are not responsible of their veracity.
  • The areas are determined according to the “commercial square meters” under legislations UNI 10750/98 & D.P.R. 138/98;
  • Concerning the energetic classifications and related values of the advertisement included in the above mentioned channels, they were indicated as per documents in our hands at the moment of their publication;
  • Pictures and images of each estate proposal and not are all covered by copyright in favour of both agencies. The copy is completely forbidden and the distribution not authorized;
  • All variations and/or cancellations of the on-line advertisement require a tome of minimum 72 hours.

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  • Address: piazza G. Matteotti n. 20-21
    22036 - Erba (Co)
  • Phone: + 39 031.610918
  • Fax: + 39 031.3335692
  • Mobile - WhatsApp - Telegram - Viber:
    + 39 333.9771674
  • P.IVA 02967370137
  • Timetable:
    da lunedì a venerdì
    dalle 9:00 alle 12:30 (mattina)
    dalle 14:30 alle 20:00 (pomeriggio)
    sabato dalle 9:00 alle 12:30
    pomeriggio su appuntamento

  • Address: via Santa Maria Maddalena n. 68
    22060 - Arosio (Co)
  • Phone: + 39 031.699243
  • Fax: + 39 031.699243
  • Mobile - WhatsApp - Telegram - Viber:
    + 39 338.3514749
  • P.IVA 07337380963
  • Timetable:
    da lunedì a venerdì
    dalle 9:00 alle 12:30 (mattina)
    dalle 14:30 alle 19:00 (pomeriggio)
    sabato su appuntamento
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