Born and grown at Carate Brianza, nice small town between Milan and the Como lake, after the diploma in 1992, he has been attending for two years the University in Milan at the department of information science.

During this period he discovers the real estate world which fascinated him so that from the beginning he knows what he wants to do.

In 1996 he abandons the University and starts his working experience in a local real estate agency as collaborator in charge of the real estate searching, the meeting scheduling and more practical mansions. After 1 year he obtains the qualification for the exercise of the role of mediation agent with the registration to the section real estate agents in the estate sector at The Milan Chamber of Commerce.

At this point, thanks to the results obtained and his will to test himself again, he decides to open his own office and 1998 he starts his adventure as businessman in the estate world. in the following years he improves his competencies and in 2006 he founds the brand Il Polo Immobiliare operating till now on the territory of the high Brianza.

After 18 years of activity he can define himself a complete, expert estate agent, focused on the clients exigencies, accurate manager of the real estates and the clients, creative, expert in the mediations, scrupulous, determined and reserved.

Passionate of his job like the first day of 1996, he is in constant research of new incentives to increase his daily service to the clients.

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